SolarYes, AC Current-Relay, Monitoring of Function at Photovoltaic Systems

SolarYes, AC Current-Relay, Monitoring of Function at Photovoltaic Systems
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  • S225535
8 inputs for current-transformers STWA 1 (H) Supply-voltage AC/DC 24 - 240 V more

Monitoring of Function at Photovoltaic Systems, Detection of Failure at Inverters, 8 inputs


The SolarYes monitors outputs of inverters in PV-systems. Its output-relays (2 potential-free contacts) switch, when there has been no current during the last 24 hours in one of up to 8 monitored lines. Thus the failure of an inverter or a fuse is detected and reported. The operator can initiate repair immediately and saves downtime.

The SolarYes is a simple, easily understandable and economical solution, that protects PV-systemsfrom downtimes.

The device is mounted in a switch cabinet or a distribution box. The current is measured contactless with simple and solid current transformers, that are mounted over the line at any position, e.g. near the fuses. A subsequent installation in an existent system is possible. Over the course of 24 hours occurring minimal currents (at night there can be wattles currents, caused by interference suppression capacitors in the inverter) are automatically measured and faded out in the evaluation.

The minimum response limit of 0,3 A allows measuring of low current-levels. The limit can de reduced by leading the monitored line multiple times through the transformer (Ø 11 mm). In case of false alarms, e.g. with snow on the solar modules, the monitoring interval can be extended to up to 8 days or the alarm can be suppressed with a switch.

The 2 output-relays can switch alarm-lamps or electroacoustic transducers. The connection of an alarm system or another monitoring unit also is possible.


  • 8 inputs for current transformers STWA1 or STWA1H (max. 100 A)
  • Not connected inputs disconnectible
  • Sensitivity adjustable AC 0,3…2,4 A (lower values by leading the monitored line multiple times through the transformer)
  • Autocalibration of inputs
  • Enable-input

Displays and Controls

  • 8 LEDs for inputs
  • 8 LEDs for alarms
  • 4 LEDs for display of state and programming
  • 2 LEDs for relays
  • 1 LED enable-input
  • 3 pushbuttons

Other features:

  • 2 change-over contacts, nc and no individually programmable
  • Autocalibration for easy startup
  • Power-saving (Eco-Mode), disconnectible
  • Power consumption <0,5 W, <1,2 VA
  • Universal supply-voltage AC/DC 24-240 V
  • Housing for DIN-rail mount, 70 mm, mounting height 55 mm
  • Accessory: Front mounting kit type ER4

Technical Data SolarYes

Rated Supply Voltage 


AC/DC 24-240 V, 0/45...65 Hz
DC: 20,4...297 V, AC: 20,4...264 V


Power Consumption


0,5 W, < 1,2 VA




2 Change-over contact (CO)
type 2, see general technical hints


Measuring Inputs


1-8 Current transformers STWA 1 or STWA 1 H 
Sensitivity adjustable AC 0,3 - 2,4 A ± 30%
max. 100 A continously, 300 A / 10 s




Monitoring interval adjustable 1-8 days


Test Conditions


see general technical hints


Rated ambient temperature range





Design / Installation Frame


Design V4 / Front mounting kit ER4, 4 TE


Dimensions (w x h x d)


70 x 90 x 58 mm, mounting height 55 mm


Protection housing/terminals


IP 30 / IP 20




DIN-rail 35 mm or screw-mount M4




approx. 180 g

Input / measuered parameter: Current detection yes/no, Digital input
Outputs: Alarms/relays
Design: Mount in circuit breaker box
Applications: Plants for Generation of own Energy