STWA1, Current Transformer for current relays, Current GTransformers for controls suction plants

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  • S225201
type STW for recognition of AC-currents cable 2 x 1 m more

Current transformer for recognition of AC-currents


The STWA1 current transformer is made to match the STW current monitor. One current transformer is required for each line being monitored. The STWA1 consists of a climate-proven sealed-in coil with toroidal tape core. The connection cables are permanently fixed to the transformer and are 1 m in length. The level of the current to be monitored is limited to 100 A continously, 300 A for max. 10s.

In case of current of more than approx. 5 A, an LED can be triggered directly via the STWA 1 current transformer. Thus it's easy for users to visually monitor the current conduction in a line. The LED is protected by an anti-parallel diode or by its connection in series. A protective resistor is necessary depending on the LED used or the level of current being monitored.

Weight: approx. 43 g

Input / measuered parameter: Current detection yes/no
Design: Mount in switchgear cabinet
Extras: Current transformers
Applications: Controils for suction plants