STW1K, Control for suction plants, 8 channels (OR), AC 220-240 V

STW1K, Control for suction plants, 8 channels (OR), AC 220-240 V
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  • S225636
control for suction-plants 8-channel, OR-connection 8 inputs for current transformers STWA1 or... more

Current Relay for AC-Detection, OR-Evaluation of 1-8 Transformers


The basic function of the device is to detect whether a current is flowing in the supply line of one of several woodworking machines. If a current flow is detected, the device switches on a suction system. When the last machine is switched off, the device stops the extraction system after a delay.

Current relay in OR evaluation with 8 inputs, designed e.g. for controlling of suction plants in the timber and plastics processing industry. When there is an AC-current >1 A through one of up to 8 connected transformers STWA 1, the integrated relay (1co) picks up. When all currents are 0, the relay releases with a delay of approx. 10s. This enables a run-after of the central suction.

  • 8 inputs
  • OR-evaluation
  • relay picks up if at least 1 input is activated
  • Connection of current transformers STWA1 or STWA1H
  • operating value approx. 1 A
  • turn-off delay approx. 10 s
  • not necessary inputs remain open
  • options
    - switch-on delay 3 s
    - without switch-off delay


Technical Data

Rated supply voltage Us


AC 220 - 240 V +10-15%, < 3 VA, 50/ 60 Hz
AC/DC 24 V, DC 21-30 V, AC 20,4 - 26,4 V


Transformer input


1…8, type STWA1 or STWA1H


Overload cap.continous/max 10s


100 A / 300 A






Switching point on


≤ AC 1 A


Switching point off


> AC 0,3 A


Switch-off delay


approx. 10 sec.


Switch-on delay


approx. 0,5 sec.


Output relay


1 change-over contact (co)


Type of contact


type 2, see general technical informations


Test conditions


see general technical informations


Rated ambient temperature range




Dimensions (h x w x d)


Design K: 75 x 22.5 x 115mm




on 35 mm DIN rail according to DIN EN 60715 or with screws M4 (option)


Protection housing / terminals


IP 40 / IP 20




approx. 140 g

Input / measuered parameter: Current detection yes/no
Outputs: Alarms/relays
Design: Mount in switchgear cabinet
Applications: Controils for suction plants