STW81V, Control for suction plants, 8 channels, outputs for valves, adjustable

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  • S225516.1
Control for suction plants 8 inputs for current transformers STWA1 outputs for 8 valves and 1... more

8-channel, single evaluation + OR-circuit

NEW: adjustable switching point 0,5 - 5 A


The basic function of the device is to detect whether a current is flowing in the supply line of one of several woodworking machines. If a current flow is detected, the device opens a valve on the machine's suction channel. At the same time, the extraction system is switched on. When a machine is switched off, the device closes the associated valve with a delay. If the last machine is switched off, the extraction system also stops after a delay.

The current relay STW81V is an 8-channel AC current relay, designed for controlling of suction plants e.g. in the timber and plastics processing industry. When there is an AC-current >1A through one of up to 8 connected transformers type STWA1, the appropriate relay K1...K8 (1 x co) picks up and opens the slide valve of the machine. At the same time the relay K9 starts the central suction.

Relays K1...K8 switch off 10s after the current flow through the appropriate transformer is 0. K9 switches off 0...60s (adjustable) after the current in all transformers is 0.


The current relay STW81V is particularly suitable for the central control of slide valves in suction plants, which are to be operated dependent on operating condition of individual machines. It can control a central suction at the same time.

  • single evaluation of 8 inputs with STWA1
  • single evaluation of 8 inputs with current-sensor S1
  • inputs for 8 potential-free contacts
  • OR-evaluation of all circuits (K9)
  • 9 output relays
  • LED display for relays / inputs
  • Switching point adjustable 0,5 - 5 A
  • switch-off delay of K9 adjustable 0 - 60 seconds
  • switch-off delay single relays 10 s
  • last relay: K9 + 20 s

Technical Data

Rated supply voltage Us


AC/DC 24 - 240 V, 0/50/60 Hz, < 4 W, < 8 VA
DC: 20,4 ... 297 V, AC: 20 ... 264 V
< 2 W, < 6 VA


Output relay


8 + 1 change-over contacts (co)


Type of contact


type 2 see general technical informations


Test conditions


see general technical informations


Rated ambient temperature range




Transformer input


1...8 type STWA1, or STWA1H






Overload cap. continuous max. 10 s


100 A / 300 A


Switching point on


adjustable 0,5 - 5 A


Switch-on delay


approx. 0,5s


Switch-off delay


10 s / 0 - 60 s


Dimensions (h x w x d)


design V 8 / 90 x 140 x 58 mm




on 35 mm DIN rail according to DIN EN 50 022 or with screws M4 (option)


Protection housing / terminals


IP 30 / IP 20




approx. 330 g

Input / measuered parameter: Current detection yes/no, Digital input
Outputs: Alarms/relays
Design: Mount in switchgear cabinet, Mount in circuit breaker box
Applications: Controils for suction plants