TF101G3, Sensor Pt 100 (RTD), -50...+170°C, Screw-in Sensor G3 (M6), cable 3x2 m

TF101G3, Sensor Pt 100 (RTD), -50...+170°C, Screw-in Sensor G3 (M6), cable 3x2 m
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  • T223143
Screw-in housing G3 (M6) cable PTFE 3 x 2 m max. 200 °C / 170 h more

Pt100-Temperature-Sensor, -50°C...+170°C, Screw-in housing G3


TF101 temperature sensors use EN 60751/IEC 60751 platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTD). For precise temperature measurement the Platinum Resistance Thermometer offers the best overall advantages in repeatability and stability over a long period. High accuracy allows replacement of a sensor without any need for re-adjust of the connected measuring devices or thermostats. TF101 temperature sensors are available in different designs.

Platinum resistance temperature sensor on ceramic substrate built into a M6 brass threaded bush, especially suitable for being screwed into metal, e.g. for monitoring temperature of heat sinks or heating plates. Please note that there will be a measuring error due to the design, as the sensor can loose heat via the connection strand. 

Cable length: 2000 mm
Weight: 21 g.
(Dimensions see Dimension illustrations)

Input / measuered parameter: Measuring Input Pt 100 (RTD)
Extras: Temperature sensors